We always hated how video production was  a mysterious black box when it came to pricing. MB Films Inc. has simple upfront pricing so you know how much your video will cost before you start and there are never any hidden charges. Our flexible pricing options make video production easy and affordable for every kind of budget. You have the option to pay per a video or save even more with a subscription or video bundle. With MB Films Inc you can get an entire video production department for less than the cost of a part time employee!




With our subscription plans you can change from a month to month to a 12 month  plan or vise versa at any time. You can also lower or up the amount of your subscription at any time. Any un-used hours roll over to the next month. There is no limit to how many hours roll over and they will never expire.


Don’t see a plan that would work for you? No problem! Get in touch and we’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your needs!

Enjoy no extra charges for travel as well!

We like to keep things simple. When it comes to travel we are always up for the adventure! We will never charge you any additional fees to travel. Simply cover our travel and lodging costs and that’s it. We wont charge you more per a video or for your subscription.